Health is wealth,’ they say. And now, as we face a pandemic with no end in sight, that is truer than ever. I am grateful for many things here in the world, and at the top of the list comes my expatriate health insurance. For anyone who is wondering how expatriate health insurance works, I thought I would put my personal thoughts here. What is the best expatriate health insurance? Do I need international health insurance? What is global health insurance anyway and do I really need it? Our answer is yes, zorgverzekering vergelijken is very important when choosing the right plan in countries like The Netherlands.

Here are my top ten tips for navigating the complex world of health insurance

  • Evaluate your personal needs. The best expatriate health insurance may not be the same for everyone. If you have a pre-existing condition, if you need any specialized treatment, if you are pregnant (or plan to have a family), find a policy that works for you. Some policies will offer coverage only in the expatriate’s host country, others will offer global coverage. Many policies exclude any treatment in the US. Assess your personal situation and what you really need, either as an individual or as a family.
  • Research the level of service. A key difference I have found among health insurance providers is their service. Sometimes in the past, I had trouble getting an answer from the larger providers when I had a simple consultation. Some health insurance providers claim to cover everything, but in reality it can be nearly impossible to get your money back. Ask your friends and colleagues in your host country and research expatriate forums to get the best personal service. Foyer Global Health are focused on high-end service-oriented plans with a more personalized response than some of the larger teams.
  • Consider the scope of the insurer. It is worth considering the global reach of the health insurance company. My family is now insured with Bupa through my husband’s employment contract. It is a large company and the clinic we attend here in the world has a direct relationship with them. Before I had to contact the health insurance company and the clinic, and now I can usually let them treat me directly. We als advice you to keep yourself informed about autoverzekering vergelijken because this can save you a lot of cash.