What is the best way to buy & sell shares? A few tips and tricks that can help you get better results

Many people wonder how best to buy & sell shares. If you don’t have any experience trading shares yet, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Still, buying shares doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming: in this article we look at how you, as a novice investor, can easily buy and sell shares.

What exactly are shares?

Shares are issued by companies to raise capital. Shares are a proof of ownership and through the interplay of supply and demand a price is established. Shares can be traded freely at a broker and anyone can trade shares for a few tens nowadays.

  • Brokers like to welcome new clients: with every transaction the broker earns a little money. Modern brokers have therefore developed simple software programs with which you can buy and sell shares within seconds. Let’s see how you can buy shares with such a software program, otherwise we would like to advice you to do research on aandelen kopen in The Netherlands!

Buy & sell shares with simple software

At brokers, it is easily possible to download suitable software with which it is possible to trade shares. Within the software it is possible to sort the shares by country, so you can quickly find the most popular shares. When you want to buy or sell a stock you just have to press the buy button within the program.

  1. Ultimately, of course, you want to make a profit with shares: for this, it does not matter whether the price rises or falls. However, it is important to properly predict what the future price may be. When you think that the price of a stock is going to rise, you can buy the stock and when you think that the price is going to fall, you get a good result by going short. When you make the wrong decision, you obviously lose money.
  2. Within the program you always see the current price of the shares, so you always have the latest data. When you buy a stock, the value of your portfolio is tracked and as soon as your target value is reached, you can decide to sell the shares. You can sell your shares by pressing the close position button under open positions: the profit or loss will then be deducted from your account balance.

How much do shares cost?

The advantage of trading shares with a modern broker is the fact that you can use a €40,000 demo: this allows you to buy a few shares without any risk. When you have enough confidence and you want to buy a larger amount of shares you can place money on your account by means of iDeal or bank transfer: with this amount you can then take a larger position when you want to speculate about brands like Facebook aandelen kopen and other big players in the market.

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