Climbing the Spiritual Mountain

There are three things to think about ascending the Mountain. To start with, it is never packed on the highest point of the Mountain. Second, it is exceptionally hard to ascend the Mountain, which is the reason it is rarely packed. Third, there is, as Saints and Mystics let us know, a mystery entryway at the highest point of the Mountain prompting a mystery way to the inward universes, His World. On the off chance that we can ascend the Mountain, we have the occasion to thump at that mystery entryway and get access to His Divine Reality. That is the guarantee of otherworldly sacred writing.

Christ discusses this Mountain constantly, as do all Saints and Mystics. As we probably am aware from Biblical reference, Jesus ‘climbed the mountain’ a few times each day. Clearly, this couldn’t have been an actual mountain since he would have needed to invest the entire of his energy going to, up, down and back from the mountain. He wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do whatever else. As well, he would have been genuinely depleted! Simply envision the undertaking in strolling to a mountain, scaling the thing, remaining there some time, strolling down the mountain and afterward proceeding to stroll back home three times each day or more! It’s legitimately illogical and has neither rhyme nor reason.

Subsequently, we can finish up the mountain Christ climbed was not an actual mountain but rather a profound mountain, the Mountain of Divine Consciousness which one rises through focus on the Word of God. As Christ stated, “the realm of God is inside you” (St. Luke 17:21). Ascending ‘in’ to be with Him – that is Climbing the Mountain.

Getting back to our first assertion, it’s never packed on the Mountain. Why? Since a great many people are happy with living on the Valley Floor underneath at the base of the Mountain. The Mountain is there, consistently there, yet few are they that challenge it. The Valley Floor is recognizable, agreeable, secure, loaded up with individuals, things, exercises, delights – and so on, it’s there. It’s likewise agreeable to be with loads of others. As well, it is hotter and additionally welcoming on the Valley Floor, and… the exertion of the move up the Mountain just includes an excess of stress, difficulty and uneasiness for comfort-driven spirits.

The Mountain is extreme. It’s precarious, smooth, chilly, uninviting, new. Simply its staggering somber presence is sufficient to startle a great many people away. It takes a lot of boldness to try and consider ascending the Mountain, also the energy and time associated with its rising. Besides, the individuals who effectively climb it abnormally never return, which alarms a large portion of the Valley Floor inhabitants. Why go to such difficulty and bear the difficulty of a perilous and troublesome trip and never be gotten with again? Why leave one’s companions, connections, exercises, solaces, protections and familiarities of the Valley Floor in any case? Doesn’t bode well, isn’t that so?

Indeed, the explanation a couple of individuals leave the solace and security of the Valley Floor and make the burdensome excursion up the Mountain is on the grounds that they have heard the gossipy tidbits about the mystery entryway prompting the mystery way, prompting the Inner Worlds, prompting interminable opportunity for the spirit from the official and imprisoning climate of the Valley Floor beneath comprehensive of its purported solaces and protections. There is an otherworldly puzzle about the Mountain which profoundly ‘contacted’ spirits can’t help it. Albeit very few, they are the ones who climb. They are the ones who hazard. They are the ones who leave the solace, security and commonality of the Valley Floor beneath to seek after an otherworldly interest. They are the ones who battle, persevere through untold privations and difficulties and… they are the ones who prevail with regards to getting to the highest point of the Mountain and entering the mystery entryway prompting the mystery way prompting their definitive otherworldly opportunity and soul freedom from the limits of this measurement.


For what reason does an individual ascension the Mountain? Since he feels a draw from It, an overwhelming, convincing power – an enchanted, otherworldly, baffling, radiant attraction that continues drawing, ever drawing, his consideration internal, upward, ahead. More often than not the draw is puzzling. It is positively undetectable. It’s simply there, consistently there, pulling at the heartstrings of the spirit, the inner voice, the cognizance. On the off chance that one attempts to pull away, the power pulls more enthusiastically consequently, continually diverting the focal point of the regard for the Mountain, to its somberness, to its overwhelming and supreme magnificence and puzzle. Powerless is the spirit to evade it. Vulnerable is the spirit to clarify it. Vulnerable is the spirit to battle it. Powerless is the spirit, vulnerable, thus it takes a gander at the mountain with stunningness and aching, even dread and trepidation, in any case, still, it starts to move, to climb, to get away, to be liberated from the jail that is the Valley Floor beneath.

The spirit starts its excursion, its ascension, overwhelmingly and weakly, unconscious of what lies ahead. However, it couldn’t care less. The impulse is just about a craziness in itself. It seems as though the spirit were infused with some numinous nepenthe, an otherworldly mixture prompting the spirit to fail to remember and relinquish its life on the Valley Floor and climb, move into some obscure region, some unknown ground, a sacred place, that will fulfill its everlasting yearning for interminable harmony.

The spirit before long discovers that this is a performance climb. No clasping hands here except if it is the Hand of God. No voyaging amigos. No colleagues. No accomplices. The spirit goes alone, ever pulled by the sweet attraction of the smooth songs inside. Up it goes, many advances, falling, staggering, sliding back a little yet recapturing its solidness and self-restraint and going ahead. It is an agonizingly slow clip this trip. However, with each miniature inch of rise increased, an entirely different the truth is increased, a totally different display, an entirely different awareness.

“On the off chance that this is what is increased simply after a small separation,” asks the spirit, “what will I experience in the event that I climb some more?” And so the spirit pushes on, ever on. It is dependent on the ascension on the grounds that the trip brings up to this time obscure recognitions and understandings it didn’t nor might have had while living on the Valley Floor underneath on the grounds that it simply wasn’t sufficiently high to see. Its vision was restricted, very restricted, as just its present experience can confirm. Truth be told, the spirit discovers that, all things considered, it was, in reality, daze while living on the Valley Floor. It just knows this since now, on account of its trip, due to its procured rise, it sees a lot unmistakably everything beneath it. Yet, it doesn’t see all since it has not climbed to the highest point of the Mountain, however it needs to see so it goes ahead… furthermore, on… furthermore, on – another progression, another stagger, another slip, another slide be that as it may, yet, another reconviction to remain solid and go ahead.


It isn’t long into the excursion up the Mountain that the spirit learns this is a conciliatory ascension. As such, there are penances, significant penances, to be made and supported in the event that one is to be fruitful in the climb and arrive at the highest point of the Mountain, arrive at the mystery entryway prompting the mystery path, prompting the Inner Worlds. The spirit discovers that similarly as the best blessing demands the best cost, so the best achievement claims the best penance.

Penance intends to give up, to offer up, to forego, to deny. By its very nature penance, hence, includes misfortune, however misfortune in return for something different. What is that misfortune? What is that ‘something different’? For the profoundly determined soul, the misfortune is life inside the Valley Floor. The ‘something different’ is unceasing life inside His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.

Ravidas, a Saint of the fifteenth/sixteenth Centuries shouted, “Let not my affection for the Lord actually decrease.Dearly have I gotten it in return for my life.”

He comprehended, and saw incredibly well, the expense of ascending the Mountain. He surrendered his life to look for His Life. He relinquished his common life to increase interminable existence with the Lord. This is the incredible achievement. Be that as it may, this achievement additionally, hence, requests the best cost and, for this situation, it is the delivering, the relinquishing of one’s common connection.

Ravidas additionally expressed: “For bunches of births have I been isolated from Thee, O Lord. This birth is devoted to Thee.”

Here Ravidas references the Law of Transmigration including the resurrection of his spirit in a heap of births wherein he drove his life in all over however that of the Lord. Be that as it may, in his stay as a meandering soul through innumerable lives, Ravidas at last came to comprehend there is no more noteworthy accomplishment than to live for the Lord, to ascend the Mountain and Merge in Him, which is the reason he offered the above expression of devoting his life to God.

Each Mountain Climber must do something very similar – devote his life to the Lord. It is the main far up the Mountain in light of the fact that, as a general rule, the Lord is the Mountain. Does this mean one needs to walk out on the world? All things considered, yes. When we move up a mountain, any mountain, isn’t our back moved in the direction of the valley floor underneath? Isn’t our center coordinated forward to each progression in the trip? To go ahead methods we look forward and climb forward.If we were to think back, we would undoubtedly fall since we would not have the option to see every single traction, each handhold, and we would, eventually, lose our progression, our hold and fall.

In any case, does ascending the Mountain mean we betray our common obligations and duties? In no way, shape or form. The polar opposite. To ascend the Mountain we don’t flee to a mountain and become a hermit. The otherworldly and glorious reality about the Climb is that the Mountain is inside us; the Climb, hence, is inside us. We remain right where we are. The Mountain Climb is a move in awareness. It’s anything but an actual trip. Accordingly, we move by decontaminating our awareness while releasing our obligations and duties on the planet to family, companions and occupation.

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